Water Engineering Department

Hossein Abedi


Activity Field :

Department of Water Specialized Affairs in the Behtash Pardazan Hour Company has been founded with the aim of providing specialized software in the field of water affairs. The department is responsible for providing water specialized software in the fields of design of small dams and diversion dams, irrigation systems (gravity, pressurized, and low pressure), drainage networks (surface, subsurface, and integrated), water transmission lines, installations, and technical buildings as well as developing software in the fields of management, operation, and maintenance of dams, and irrigation and drainage networks according to the standards and international publications approved by Management and Planning Organization of Iran.

Details of activates and duties:

- Providing software for the design of structures, installations, and technical buildings in the field of water engineering

- Development of software for management, operation, maintenance, and repair of all aqua systems and buildings

- Design of demand-driven flowcharts and software according to the needs of customers

- Preparation of required water engineering software in different fields, at the request of the relevant organizations