Our effort is to design any software in accordance with the design structure, management, and operation of each project, to the extent possible.

Deployment planning

Each application will be planned in accordance with the latest design and executive standards and criteria. Generally, the principles of the design of any application would be summarized in the form for the following five steps:

a- Needs assessment and project design

First, according to domestic and foreign markets in the field of water engineering, the project theme is selected and then, different stages of its programming begin.

b- Design process according to client’s requirements

At this stage, the information required by organizations, institutions and other clients are extracted and after evaluation, appropriate strategies for implementation of joint needs are designed and added to the software.

- Final implementation

At this step, the designed software is detected using the analysis of reconnaissance operation, finally implemented, and loaded in the presence of the client to test its functionality.

- Training

At this point, end users are also given detailed training on the use of settings, admin, and user menus.

- Support

The company is committed to the ongoing support of all phases of the deployment process so that in case of any potential problem it will be resolved in the shortest possible time.