- Values

As a systematic collection, Behtash Pardaz Hoor advocates for environmental protection and intends water development projects are exploited to the best possible way.

- Interactivity

Our goal is to establish social and economic interaction and alignment between operators and major and minor stakeholders with government agencies. Hence, we respect the rights of our customers to express their views and we will implement all them.


Our goal is to create a cohesive, self-confident, hard-working, and results-oriented team with good social relationships and external and internal corporate responsibility.


Teamwork is one of the most treasured ideals of Behtash Pardazan Hoor Company. The capability of each team member leads to our team empowerment.

-Fulfillment of commitments

We will be faithful to our commitments to each client, according to their desires and goals.


Our goal is to identify accurately the clients according to the structure of civil projects as well as social and cultural attitudes of people in each region, and subsequently to respond to these needs. Our desire is that our clients become people-oriented bodies or organizations with high efficiency.