Our Company

Behtash Pardazan Hour Consulting Engineers was founded in 2014 with a view to providing specialized water engineering software with a capability to implement them under Web-based GIS. The company covers a wide range of services and products in different sectors of water engineering such as dams and power plants, water transmission lines, irrigation and drainage networks, GIS, RS, etc.

These products have been classified and programmed in different fields such as the design of hydraulic systems and structures (canals, drainage network, diversion dam, and other hydraulic structures), construction management (including all reporting forms, including daily functioning of executive operations, machinery delivery bills, minutes of work delivery, etc.), management of operation and maintenance (including sub-system of customer affairs, management subsystem with the capability of general analyses in GIS,  operation systems capable of processing the distribution and status of subscribers as spatio-temporal differentiation and integration, and inspection, repair, and maintenance sub-systems).